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DUI Checkpoints in Phoenix, AZ

Sobriety Checkpoints and Field Sobriety Tests in Phoenix

Finding yourself in the face of a DUI arrest is never appealing, especially if you have not done anything wrong. You may think to yourself, where did I go wrong? How will I defend myself? Who can help me? At the Knowles Law Firm, the team of defense lawyers represents clients in the face of criminal and DUI charges throughout Phoenix and the surrounding communities. If your arrest was the result of a sobriety checkpoint, now is the time to get in contact with a Phoenix DUI attorney.

At the firm, the legal team works aggressively to pursue the rights and freedom of their clients when in the face of any type of DUI charge, including DUI & drugs, DUI with injury and underage DUI. When you are driving home, and stopped at a sobriety checkpoint, several things may occur. First, the officer will ask each vehicle to stop and provide proof of driver's license. Next, the officer may ask you if you have been drinking. Despite your answer, the officer may ask you to step out of your vehicle and perform several field sobriety tests, such as a breath test, walk and turn test or one leg stand test. Depending on your performance in these tests, the officer will then determine if you have been drinking and driving, and if it constitutes an arrest.

Have you been arrested at a Phoenix sobriety checkpoint?

When you face arrest from a sobriety checkpoint, you must immediately speak to a lawyer from the firm. Without legal representation, you may fail to schedule your MVD hearing and have your driver's license suspended automatically in addition to possibly facing imprisonment and fines. Find out more about defending yourself after an arrest has occurred at a sobriety checkpoint by calling the legal team.

Contact a Phoenix DUI lawyer without delay if you have been arrested at a sobriety checkpoint in Phoenix, Arizona or a surrounding community.

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