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MVD Hearings

You only have 15 days after your arrest!

If you are charged with DUI, you must schedule a Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) hearing within 15 days from the time when you were cited. This is not the criminal proceeding, but it is equally important due to the fact that the Phoenix MVD hearing will determine what happens to your driver's license. This civil hearing is usually informal in nature, and the purpose of the hearing will be to decide whether your driver's license is restricted, suspended or revoked. If the paperwork is confusing or you can't seem to figure out what you're supposed to do, you should contact Knowles Law Firm.

The Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT) has the power to automatically suspend your license if you do not schedule an MVD hearing to combat the evidence brought against you. This suspension will cause you to lose your driving privileges for a period of 90 days. This is called a "per se suspension." An MVD official will be assigned to hold this administrative hearing so that they can evaluate the evidence and determine if the evidence against you constitutes a suspension or does not. By failing to schedule this hearing within the time parameters, you lose your right to contest the evidence against you. You can and should have an attorney with you at this hearing.

A qualified Phoenix DUI lawyer can help you schedule your hearing in a timely manner so as to avoid an automatic driver's license suspension, but it is imperative that you contact them before your 15 days to schedule a hearing are up. While you will face a possible minimum license suspension of 90 days in a Phoenix MVD hearing if you were operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent and more, you could face an automatic one year minimum license suspension if you have refused to take a breath or blood test.

Why should I have Knowles Law Firm present for my hearing?

There are several crucial ways that an attorney who focuses in MVD hearings and DUI law could help you:

  • Help fight for your right to drive;
  • Ensure that your paperwork is filed correctly; and
  • Minimize the chances of missing your Phoenix MVD hearing

If you need to be able to drive for job commitments, family obligations or just because it's your right - then it is absolutely necessary to have an experienced attorney at your side who is familiar with DUI MVD hearings in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Don't risk having your license suspended for a much longer time period than necessary. Don't risk your career, your family's livelihood and your own freedom. Attorney Anthony Knowles is fully aware of MVD hearing procedure, paperwork and practice. He formerly worked as a police officer, and is therefore very knowledgeable about the possible mistakes that could have led to your arrest. Let Mr. Knowles work for your freedom and fight for your right to operate your vehicle - he cares about your concerns and he knows how important this hearing is to your immediate future. Don't hesitate before you contact Knowles Law Firm today!

Types of MVD Hearings

There are three different types of MVD hearings in the state of Arizona, and each hearing addresses different circumstances involved with a DUI arrest. The first, Administrative Per Se Hearing, will only address issues such as whether the officer had reason to believe the defendant was not in control of the vehicle, whether the chemical tests were accurate and more.

The Implied Consent hearing is limited to discussing whether there is sufficient reason to believe that the driver was in control of the vehicle at the time of the arrest, and this hearing also takes note of whether or not the driver refused the chemical test. Lastly, the Negligent Operator 'Points' Hearing discusses whether a driver's license suspension will be awarded based on whether the drive has accumulated too many points on their driver's license.

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