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DUI Penalties: Ignition Interlock Device

Phoenix DUI Lawyer

If you are facing a criminal charge of drunk driving, it is important to keep in mind that there are serious penalties that will be incurred with a criminal charge. One of the most recently implemented penalties includes the ignition interlock device (IID), which is a small device installed into all vehicles regularly driven by the convicted. Still, despite its popularity, there is much confusion about the device. At the Knowles Law Firm, they want to ensure that all clients have the accessible answers regarding the IID and all related machines. To help in this endeavor, they have both asked and answered some of the most common questions about the device below:

  • How does the IID work exactly? The IID is a breath analyzing device very similar to the handheld device used by law enforcement officers. Wired to the ignition, this device requires that a breath sample be given before the engine will start. If it's not given, the car will remain turned off. It also requires random testing as the car runs. If breath sample is not given or if the alcohol present in the sample is above the threshold, the event will be logged and an alarm will sound until either the ignition is turned off or a clean sample is given.
  • Does the IID actually work at preventing repeat offenses? Actually, yes. The International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety has found that these devices have led to a reduction of about 40 to 95 percent in repeat offenses so long as the device remains.
  • If I have been given an order to have it installed, how long do I have? From the time of the order, you have 30 days in which you can have the device installed. Failure to do so and to provide adequate verification will result in an immediate suspension of your driving privileges and could even extend the time necessary for the IID requirement.
  • What happens if I'm caught without the IID? If you are required to have the IID in your car and you are caught driving a vehicle without it, you will be required under ASR §28-1464 to have the interlock requirement extended for approximately one more year after the time at which the original requirement would have come to an end.
  • Is the IID actively monitored? Yes, the IIC sends periodic reports electronically to the MVD. This includes events logged that deal with failure to comply, any tampering, violations or circumvention. If the MVD receives reports of the above, they will notify you of an extension of the requirement, typically for another six to twelve months.

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To learn more about the ignition interlock or to learn what can be done to help you protect your legal rights, you should not hesitate to get the involvement of an experienced Phoenix DUI attorney from the Knowles Law Firm. Led by Attorney Anthony Knowles, who is a former police officer, their firm has a unique understanding and viewpoint of DUI cases. They know how law enforcement works and are able to understand the mindset of the prosecution. This will be invaluable as they move forward in the case - allowing them to better understand what they are facing so that they can always stay several steps ahead of the game.

Want to know more about ignition interlocks? Want help in protecting your future against a DUI conviction ? Don't wait! Contact a Phoenix DUI lawyer from the Knowles Law Firm as soon as possible.

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