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Blog Posts in 2011

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Basketball Player Avoids Jail Time for DUI

A Detroit, Michigan basketball player is lucky to have avoided jail time for a DUI arrest earlier this year. Based on the DUI arrest as well as gun possession charges, he could have spent at least 93 ...
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Phoenix Police Step Up Patrols Over the Holidays

Knowing that the holidays often lead to more drunk drivers, police in Phoenix, Arizona have created a special task force to patrol the roads during the holidays. This task force will provide increased ...
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Governor's Office Announces Increased DUI Patrols

States across the nation are gearing up for the holidays. This means increased patrols and DUI checkpoints to cut down on drunken drivers and alcohol-caused accidents. The governor's office ...
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Vans Purchased for DUI Enforcement

Police officers in Phoenix, Arizona are looking forward to having some extra help cracking down on drunk drivers over the holidays. The city of Phoenix purchased six new vans that will be used solely ...
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Phoenix Police Ready to Combat Holiday DUI

Police across the country are gearing up for a busy holiday season in which drunk drivers are known to hit the roads in higher numbers. In Phoenix, the police department has an annual campaign that is ...
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Drunk Driver Sends 20 People to the Hospital

A drunk driver is responsible for sending a whopping twenty people to local hospitals in southern Maryland last week. Police reports show that a truck driver caused an accident between him, a school ...
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Defendant Wants Alcohol Monitoring Device Removed

A man who killed a pedestrian in a drunk driving accident is petitioning to have his alcohol-monitoring bracelet removed already. The 52-year-old man was convicted in the death of a 23-year-old male ...
Continue reading "Defendant Wants Alcohol Monitoring Device Removed" »

Police Chief Arrested for Drunk Driving

When traffic was stopped at a green light in Morrow last week, a police officer went to see what was holding it up. What he found was one of his coworkers, asleep and very intoxicated, behind the ...
Continue reading "Police Chief Arrested for Drunk Driving" »

Settlement Offered in DUI Death Case

Although one county did agree to pay a large settlement for the death of one man, it still claims that it was not to blame. Earlier this year the young victim was taken into custody on DUI charges and ...
Continue reading "Settlement Offered in DUI Death Case" »

Offender Sentenced for Sixth DUI

An older man was arrested for DUI in DuPage County near Chicago last week. Since this is not his first arrest, he is expected to serve jail time for his multiple DUI offenses. Police reports show that ...
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Man Shoots Himself after Getting Pulled Over

While most people dislike getting pulled over, one man took his concern to the extreme by shooting himself. Last week an officer with one police department pulled over a man on a simple traffic ...
Continue reading "Man Shoots Himself after Getting Pulled Over" »

Bus Driver Arrested for DUI

If your bus is weaving across the roadway, it may not be due to the wind - your driver could be seriously intoxicated. That was the case of a driver in Iowa last week who was arrested for DUI. The bus ...
Continue reading "Bus Driver Arrested for DUI" »

Segway Rider Killed by Drunk Driver

In San Jose, it is not an uncommon sight to see businessmen and women riding Segways around town. This tech-loving community quickly embraced this mode of transportation, including a 73-year-old ...
Continue reading "Segway Rider Killed by Drunk Driver" »

Young Man Causes DUI Accident and Death of Friend

A young man will not only inevitably spend time behind bars, but he will live his life knowing that he killed one of his good friends. Last week, a 20-year-old male was drinking at a friend's ...
Continue reading "Young Man Causes DUI Accident and Death of Friend" »

Hit-And-Run Driver Suspected of DUI

Police in Phoenix were surprised to learn that a hit-and-run suspect was a local firefighter. Earlier this month, a 14-year-old boy was rollerblading in north Phoenix when he was struck by a white ...
Continue reading "Hit-And-Run Driver Suspected of DUI" »

Actor Facing Underage DUI Charges

News sources are buzzing with reports that the former sidekick to a children's television show star has been arrested for driving under the influence. Allegedly, the actor was pulled over by ...
Continue reading "Actor Facing Underage DUI Charges" »

DUI and Wrong Way Driving in Arizona

Over the past several years, law enforcement agencies in the state of Arizona have noticed that there is a serious problem on the state's road ways – wrong way driving. According to ...
Continue reading "DUI and Wrong Way Driving in Arizona" »

University Sports Team Member Arrested for DUI

One young man's arrest will not only affect his future, but those of his teammates as well. Thanks to the recklessness of the young man, a college football team in Georgia will be without its star ...
Continue reading "University Sports Team Member Arrested for DUI" »

Your Rights during a DUI Stop

In the state of Arizona, police officers may conduct a DUI traffic stop if they notice that a driver displays erratic driving behaviors or signs that are indicative of impairment. For example, if a ...
Continue reading "Your Rights during a DUI Stop" »

Wrestling Star Subjected to DUI Stop

A wrestling star was taken into custody last week when officers noticed him driving the wrong way down a one-way street. According to a Tampa police officer, the 26-year-old wrestling star was pulled ...
Continue reading "Wrestling Star Subjected to DUI Stop" »

Football Players Cited for Underage Drinking

One young football player could now face serious penalties for celebrating his recent first-round pick. The 19-year-old came to fame in August when he received a record-breaking signing bonus of $7.5 ...
Continue reading "Football Players Cited for Underage Drinking" »

Man Arrested for DUI Twice in One Night

When people are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), they usually do not repeat the offense, especially within a 24 hour time span. However, a man in the state of Pennsylvania shocked ...
Continue reading "Man Arrested for DUI Twice in One Night" »

DUI Suspect Caught after Fleeing U.S.

In South Florida, authorities told news sources that they managed to apprehend a man who was wanted for causing a fatal DUI accident. The man allegedly fled to the country of Belize only to return to ...
Continue reading "DUI Suspect Caught after Fleeing U.S." »

Man Gets 30 Years for DUI Manslaughter

This week in the city of Phoenix, a man that was arrested for killing two people and injuring five others during a major DUI accident was sentenced by a judge. Due to the nature of the offense, the ...
Continue reading "Man Gets 30 Years for DUI Manslaughter" »

Labor Day DUI Numbers are In

Labor Day tends to be a weekend of parties, barbeques and socializing. However, this particular weekend is also well-known for high incidences of driving under the influence (DUI), which has led ...
Continue reading "Labor Day DUI Numbers are In" »
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